This project has the feature for the customer to see all the food available at the restaurant . After login customer can order food online . Customer also has the ability to reserve a seat at the restaurant as well .

Admin has the Ability to see all the order and the reservation by customer .Admin can also add food and chefs data . Admin can also edit and delete those data .


This project has two type of User: 

1. Customer

2.  Admin


      1. Customer Has the ability to register and login

        2. Customer can add food to the cart and can also remove food from the cart

       3. Customer Can Order Food Online

       4. Customer can reserve a seat online

        5. Customer can see all the food available at the restaurant

       6. Customer can also see the chefs and their speciality as well


      1. Admin can see total number of users/customers

      2.  Admin has the ability to add food item that will show at the homepage.

      3.  Admin Can also Edit and delete food item

      4. Admin Can Add Chef That will show at the homepage

       5. Admin can edit and delete chef data

       6. Admin can see the order

       7. Admin can see the reservations


  • XAMPP installed version 8 or higher
  • Composer installed
  • nodejs installed
  • Laravel install 
  • Once you have all those install you are really to run the project


  1. First download the zip file the unzip it
  2. then open a cmd in the project directory.
  3. Run this command in the cmd 'composer update'.
  4. Create a database called 'restaurant' using xampp.
  5. A .sql file is given in the zip file's main directory. Import that .sql file into your database.
  6. Last step in the cmd run 'php artisan serve'

Now your project is ready to serve.

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