Online Book Store Project is built in PHP and MySQL database for the backend. It has different features for the user like a user can view all the category, select a book and select the quantity and add the book to his cart. The user can add multiple books in cart. The user can add his books to wishlist. There are mutliple payment methods in the checkout page such as PayPal and COD.


Online Book Store Project is fully responsive on all kinds of devices. It has multiple features mentioned below:

User side:

  • User Login and Registration.
  • List all books.
  • View each book.
  • Filter the books by its categories.
  • Filter the books by its author.
  • Select quantity of each book and add that item to cart.
  • Add the book to your wishlist.
  • Multiple payment options during checkout such as COD, Razropay (UPI, Cards, Net Banking) and PayPal.
  • View order status and order details in the "My Orders" section.
  • User can cancel his order.
  • View order history.
  • User can update their profile.

Admin Side:

  • Dashboard with detailed analytics.
  • Add/Edit & Update/Delete Categories.
  • Add/Edit & Update/Delete Books.
  • Add/Ediit & Update/Delete Authors.
  • Add/Ediit & Update/Delete Admin/User.
  • Add/Ediit & Update/Delete Social Media.
  • All the Tables has search bar and pagination.
  • Website Settings to show in user side
  • Hide any books from being displayed to the customers on website.
  • View orders and order items.
  • Filter orders by order status & order date.
  • Update order status (In Progress, Completed, Cancelled), payment_status.
  • Cancel order by giving cancel reason.
  • View Customer details.
  • Add Admins and assign role as admin & also you can ban admin.


Host : Localhost

PHP Version : 5.6 and above

Database : MySQL DB

Web Browser : Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer, MS Edge.


To run the project on your pc/laptop :

  1. Download the .zip file and extract the files from it.
  2. Paste the folder inside the xampp/htdocs folder and name the folder as onlinebookstore .  
  3. Open the config folder, you will find a bookstore.sql file. Import the .sql file in your database.
  4. Open your browser and paste "localhost/onlinebookstore/" in the browser. Your project will be running successfully.

The login details are given in the guide.txt file which is present inside the admin folder.

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