PHP Device repair services website with Admin Panel is an application. It is responsive website project which is developed using PHP MySQL. In this project,

you can manage the services / device repair pages content from admin dashboard, where you can also show/hide the pages. 

On device page view you have an Enquiry Form & when its submitted, you get the enquired user details in your admin dashboard. 

In the Enquiry you can manage/update the status as completed, cancelled, pending AND view enquiry

You can filter the enquiry data by DATE and STATUS in admin dashboard.  

You have Settings for website managing like, website name, seo, contact info, email, etc.

You have Social Media in Admin dashboard with functionality add/read/edit & update/delete social media. You can see these social media on website on the footer area.

You can Add Admin / User from admin panel with the role and also you can ban the each user.

You can see the Analytics on main page of Admin panel which is Dashboard. it is users, services, enquiries,


User Side:

  1. All the Services / devices repair details are shown in services page as per the permissions given from dashboard.
  2. Services / devices repair details are viewable in each page with Meta keyword and description. 
  3. In each device repair/service page we have enquiry form.
  4. About Us area is given.
  5. Contact Us page is given with the FORM which is configure with MAIL sending code.
  6. Contact Us page has contact information which is coming from Admin Dashboard -> Settings
  7. Contact Information on website, which is coming from Admin Dashboard -> Settings
  8. Social Media list in footer area, which is managed from Admin Dashboard -> Social Media.

Admin Side:

  1. Admin Login
  2. Dashboard - All statistics are shown on the dashboard. Eg: Total Devices, Total Enquiries, Total Users, etc
  3. Services / Devices Repair Pages - This Services can be Added, Edit & Updated, Deleted by Admin. 
    SEO part added: title, meta keywords & meta description.
  4. Enquiries - you can see all the enquiries list
    1. View enquiry,
    2. Update Enquiry Status as completed, cancelled, pending.
    3. You can FILTER the enquiry by DATE & STATUS

  5. Social Media - This social media can be Added, Edit & Updated, Deleted by Admin.
  6. Admin/User - you can add, edit & update with role and also ban user. You can delete the user/admin.
  7. Settings - you can add or update all the website settings like
    1. Website Details - website_name, website_url, website_small_description
    2. SEO Details - title, meta_keyword, meta_description
    3. Contact Info - email, phone, address
  8. All the Tables / Modules has Pagination and Search bar. 

The Credential for Admin login details are given in the guite.txt file in your project.


Host : Localhost

PHP Version : 5.6 and above

Database : MySQL DB Web

Browser : Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer, MS Edge.


To run the project on your pc/laptop :

  1. Download the .zip file and extract the files from it.
  2. Paste the folder inside the xampp/htdocs folder.
  3. Open the config folder inside the main folder, you will find a fundaservices.sql file. Import the .sql file in your database.
  4. Open your project in an editor and setup your database connection in following path: config/dbcon.php
  5. Open your browser and paste "localhost/device-services/" in the browser. Your project will be running successfully.

The Credential for Admin login details are given in the guite.txt file in your project.

To configure the mail for the contact form, please update the "email address" & "password" 

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